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NASA gradually pipes the oceans in unbelievable animatronics, unveiling concealed underwater mountain ranges and prehistoric land ties

Oceans shelter most of the earth’s surface; this includes its largest mountain range and the ancient channels that humans crossed to reach other continents.

In the latest remake of a 2008 video of NASA,  James O’Donoghue, who is the planetary scientist, reveals what it might look like if they drain all the water away, unveiling the concealed three-fifths of the surface of Earth.

O’Donoghue operated at the space agency of Japan and was previously at NASA. For the clip, he took animatronics that the physicist of NASA and the animator Horace Mitchell developed back in the year 2008 and provided it with a few additions. He amended the timing and added tracking device to show how much the water pipes throughout the animatronics. 

As the oceans lose water slowly, the first bits of concealed land that pops are continental shelves undersea edges of every continent.

O’Donoghue confirmed to the Business Insider in the email that he slowed down the beginning since, rather astonishingly that most of the undersea landscape promptly revealed in the first tens of meters.

The continental shelves comprise of the land ties that prehistoric humans crossed as they relocated from continent too continent. Dozens of years ago, the ancestors would stroll from continental Europe to United Kingdom from Alaska to Siberia and from Australia to islands surrounding it. 

O’Donoghue stated that when the last ice age happened, most of the oceanic water locked up as ice at the planet’s poles. This is the reason for the land bridges’ existence. He added that each of the links allowed humans to relocate, and after the end of the ice age, water instead closed them in.

By the water removal, the animatronics gives a sight at our ancestor’s world. 

It also displays Earth’s lengthiest chain of the mountains spring up at seams where earth tectonic plates inches away from each other, developing a new ocean basement as molten rock erupts from beneath the crust of the plant.

Once the animated oceans drained by 6000 meters, large portion of the water is gone. However, it takes almost another 5000 meters to empty deepest points of Mariana’s trench. 

The animation unleashes that the ocean base is just as variable as well as interesting in the geology as the continents. This is a statement from O’ Donoghue. He went on to add that emptying the seas unearths not only ocean bottom but also the ancient story of humanity. 

James O’Donoghue was successful in remaking the video to highlight its most fascinating features; world’s longest mountain range as well as Ice Age land bridges, which the ancient humans crossed. 

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