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Vulnerable orbital satellites a high risk

Space exploration has long been the brainchild of the human race. From time immemorial, humans have a high sense of curiosity. This emergence led to the birth of exploration both on our planet and beyond. Part of the instruments that are utilizable in research is orbital satellites. The massive pieces of technology allow explorers to have a glimpse of the outer regions of space remotely 

Yet as tech evolves, the promise of what satellites hold on the store for us is immeasurable. Then orbital satellites could be used not only for discovery but can also put the communications several steps forward. The use of satellite in communication ventures is perhaps the latest innovation aside from 5Gs emergence 

With the look into communications-based satellites, two companies have come to solidify their stance on the orbital communications race. These include Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ OneWeb. OneWeb has previously expressed its vision to have 42000 space-based communication satellites 

While this move is mostly beneficial, there are concerns about the remote monitoring pieces of technology. With daily advances in technology, the threats also increase in severity. 

The satellites come with manoeuvring thrusters that shift the orbital vehicle trajectory in case of a potential collision. These thrusters assist in speeding up, slow down, and change direction while the satellite is in space. However, the open design of these satellites allows hackers to easily access the blueprint and take note of flaws in the design. These systems come together to form a unified system that keeps the satellites working in space. 

Provided the massive satellites remain inaccessible, they buy for tear down. However, a large number of small-time satellites are small, cheap models that are easily bought, broken down and reviewed for flaws in the system 

Commodity parts open a door for hackers to get inside the satellites and know what makes the satellite tick. While the accessibility comes in for educational means to allow researchers to see how the satellites work, it wasn’t evident that the same system could be used by hackers to gain backdoor access to the machines 

Another aspect of the vulnerability of these orbital systems is their mode of production. Die this somewhat complicated method of production and later on assembly, the coming together of a dart elite passes through several stages that increase its vulnerabilities. These include bugs, specially made to take over the satellites while in orbit.

While the stakes remain high, the prospects that come with satellites in orbit are high satellite making companies opt to improve on such flaws rather than risk closing down production 

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