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New pages of clean energy opened by Coronavirus outbreak

Since a new crisis is on the surge, the energy sector will experience a slowdown in its activities. As a result, many countries are working effortlessly to prevent further spread of the virus to its citizens.

Emissions in China dropped by a quarter as the state struggled to combat the current pandemic. Fewer jets and water vessels such as ships will use less fuel. As a result, the consumption of energy in America will fall as everyone embraces self-isolation. 

Stagnation should not be a solution offered to climatic changes due to the swift fall in emissions. All we want is a friendly economy for everyone and invest more in the coming days. Every downfall in the past became a waking point to many sectors that have attained their thresholds. Let us not allow this pandemic to take control of every situation, even our ambitions, but rather, let us go ahead in carrying out our activities but in the safest way. 

The current catastrophe is because of three main factors; low interest in the past, a rise in oil prices, and large numbers of joblessness.  If the three factors carry on, they will be able to pave the way for the discovery of new ideas that will take action in the course of coming years.

Reduced rates of taxes enable one to make more investments in clean energy structures. For instance, some of the ideas in place include; expansion of solar and wind fields, electric vehicle charging stations, and conveying trapped carbon dioxide and hydrogen, among other biofuels to customers. Implementation of those ideas could result in many job opportunities flooding the market since the economy will be in desperate need of the workforce.

In the meantime, affordable oil could flood energy markets in several ways. The current surplus of natural gas comes as a derivative of oil bud due to the formation of bubbles in conjunction with well-paid oil. The price of oil is relatively low in the market due to its availability in large quantities.

It is better off when cheap, naturally occurring gas undergoes combustion to produce electricity than when burnt in portions. Pollutions have gone down because of tumbling coal. All wholesale price tags should favor every penny in the customer’s pocket. Reduces prices have resulted in the shutting down of nuclear factories as carbon-free electricity takes over the market. 

Many firms struggle to train their expertise in embracing the new technology of oil drills. Offshore drilling skills apply to onshore platforms as well. Techniques used to extract oil horizontally can be applicable to trap geothermal energy. 

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