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2020 prediction still some millage away to be fulfilled

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One is late for work since they had not set the alarm watch entrenched in your forearm. Rushing from bed to give your household members, situated thousands of miles away, a quick, useful hug, and run into the car, and call your ape to step on it. It is a hectic day, but at least your holiday to the Moon is a few days away. The above story does not look like a really morning, but some thought it could be.

History has died due to forecasts and future estimates. Many of these predictions are issued with absolute sureness before they disappear conveniently into irrelevance as they expert extensive outcome. As the 21st Century starts, it is time to sit back and ask ourselves what prophecies were made about the year 2020.

The rate at which technological improvement is taking place, with some critical changes of the past decades, was foreseen with extraordinary accuracy many years ago.

We did not get everything precise, but according to many experts, scientists and futurologists, we need to be at planet Pluto and have robots that will be doing our laundry this time. Oh, that is not enough; human beings should be living up to 150 years CNN news has searched through the records to find out what might have gone wrong and gathered up with some of the people who believed they had planned everything the previous decade.

The idea of robots taking our jobs is one of our primary concerns of every post-war age group, and by this year, projection showed that there would be jobless in many sectors.

Thinkers of the future and technological experts said that robots and artificial brainpower of all kinds will not be tolerated as part of everyday life by the year 2020 and will nearly totally take over daily work. Elon University said the above in 2006.

Ian Pearson, a British futurologist in an interview with the UK’s Observer newspaper in 2003, said consciousness is one of the senses that function effectively, and this is what we are planning to put on a computer. He added his conclusion that it is possible to make a conscious computer with extraordinary levels of brainpower before the year 2020. The robot will have emotions, with the ability to protect an airplane from falling when in space, he said. 

The year 2020 has reached, but our planes are not emotional more than us, as we had predicted, he lamented. The change has not come to pass as the prediction was. For example, we had estimated that in 2015 we would have a machine that is more conscious than human beings.

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