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Africa to get $65.7m for Investing in Renewable Energy Projects from the UK

Press Release

Selected African Countries will benefit from $65.7m from the government of the UK for renewable energy projects. The endorsed plans are the geothermal power stations in Ethiopia, solar farms in Kenya as well as the storage of clean energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. The primary objective of investing in these projects is to ensure that African nations join the rest of the world in having clean energy. 

The African nations will obtain the funding, as the UK financial experts and scientists will work together with their African correspondents to grasp the continent’s clean energy capability. The UK government will make sure it has helped the African nations with investment promotions by introducing new renewable projects such as solar and wind farms.

The government revealed the winners of the investment kit for the continent’s renewable energy substructure on 21st January 2020 at the Africa Investment Summit in London. Andrea Leadsom, the Business and Energy Secretary, said the government would work closely with the African countries as the UK plans to hold the UN Climate discussions (COP26) over the year.

Assisting African’s Power Security

“Our top-notch business analysts and scientists will work as a team with African countries specialists. The main objective is to aid their search for power security, energizing upcoming industries as well as creating job opportunities for the youths all over the continent with various kinds of power sources as well as boosting economic expansion for sustainable development,” he said.

Mr. Leadsom also highlighted the need for African nations to shift from coal energy to renewable power, stressing that there is more that needs to be done to unlock investment. He promised the government is ready to offer any help to achieve this goal.  

Other projects the government of the UK has funded in Africa countries include the winners of the Energy Catalyst Competition. The beneficiaries were Kenya and Botswana where energy storage batteries, solar plants as well as hydropower were built.

A US program of $13.1m is similar to the UK government based green business specialists. There is a crucial collaboration between the African nations and the UK government through their experts to ensure that investment in renewable projects is achieved. This is particularly evidenced in the Nigeria 2050 calculator, which is a modelling tool planned explicitly by the UK scientists to assist the Nigerian government’s long-lasting development planning.

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