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The Initial Space bus Neo satellite scheduled for launch

Press Release

Paris (ESA) January 14, 2020

The first satellite designed under a platform to assist the European industry brings competitive satellites for commercial telecommunications marketplace entered its last stage before the sendoff. 

Konnect would offer services of broadband for Europe and Africa. Thales Alenia Space built it for Eutelsat, its commercial worker, under a Partnership Project of ESA

After a lengthy flight, onboard an Antonov cargo plane coming from the Nice airport in France, satellite was able to launch location in French Guiana inside its big transport vessel. 

The satellite completed its short and effective launch operation. Teams at the launch location conducted every test and inspections and affirmed that sub-systems are ready for flight. 

The satellite positioned on the higher position of secondary payload adapter as well as then inside the firing. The assembled parts currently fit on top of launcher during the final primary step of mechanical integration of Ariane 5 spaceship. 

The satellite is currently ready for launch on 16 January, for the initial Ariane sendoff of 2020, flight VA251. 

After the Konnect launch, the Space bus Neo Program would keep on introducing new innovative technologies to the successive satellites to launch.

This far, Thales Alenia Space traded seven Space bus Neo Satellites, and the next project would be, the government of  France Syracuse-4; SES-17. An addition of two Eutelsat projects named Konnect Very High throughout Satellite and Eutelsat 10B that would offer services of connectivity for maritime and aviation transport. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, who is an Indonesian operator and Amazonas Nexus for Hispasat, who is an operator from Spain, would run Satria. They would offer services of high capacity for maritime and aviation transport.

The Space bus Neo merchandise line created in the frame of the ESA’s program of the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) as well as the PIA of France in collaborating with ESA member countries and ran jointly by ESA as well as the Space Agency of France, CNES. 

It generated an excellent investment return to the European industry and the Member States of ESA. 

The program of Neosat consists of both Eurostar Neo by the Airbus and Space bus Neo by the Thales Alenia Space. It comprises of the development and in-orbit authentication of the new satellite product lines for the two syndicates, permitting both European satellite major interrogators to provide satellites that are competitive for the commercial market place. 

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