Dried Processed Food Market 2016: Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Top Key 2022

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Food drying is a method where food is dried or dehydrated or desiccated for the purpose of preservation. Drying inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeasts through the removal of water and thus the dampness from the food can be expelled and accordingly the time span of usability of food can be expanded. In the ancient times water used to be removed through evaporation, although now a days electric food dehydrators or freeze-drying are used to speed up the drying process and this ensures more consistent results. Dried foods have been consumed widely due to their high sugar content, sweet taste and a longer shelf-life from drying.

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Market Dynamics
With the fast pacing world, the lifestyle of individuals have changed and this has induced the growth of global dried processed food market. The rising number of working females is one of the main component boosting the interest of easy to cook and longer durability of usability items. Dried processed foods contain few nutritious properties and vary in flavour, which enables them to be an essential eating habit in many parts of the world. With the growing demand for these dried processed food products, food manufacturers all over the world are focusing on using natural food additives with a broad range of flavours to meet the expectations of the customers. Some of the dried processed food products such as pasta and noodles are staple foods in many parts of the globe. On the contrary factors such as high manufacturing and production cost, loss in the original taste of the products are posing a threat to the growth of this market globally.

Market Segmentation
The global dried processed food market can be broadly segmented on the basis of product type, drying technology and region.
On the basis of product type-
Pasta and noodles – largest market share
Dried ready meals
Dried soup
Dessert mix
On the basis of drying technology-
Spray dried technology – largest share in terms of revenue
Freeze dried technology
Sun dried technology – ancient technology
Hot air dried technology
Vacuum dried technology
On the basis of region-
North America
South America

Geographical Analysis
The Global dried processed food market is segmented on the basis of region into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. North America is the main market for dried processed food products followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. The major market drivers in Asia-pacific are India, China and Japan due to the rising demand for rice and noodles and the high acquiring energy of buyers.

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Key Players
The major market players are China National Cereals, General Mills Inc., Kraft Foods Inc., Nestle, Unilever Ltd., J.M. Smucker Co. and many more to count.

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