Global Imidazole Buffer Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 7.3% from 2020 to 2027

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Imidazole is very popular in the biopharmaceutical industry and is frequently used as a buffer for pH ranging from 6.2-7.8 at 25°C. Imidazole buffer is used in several biochemical enzymatic reactions and finds immense application in the detection of proteins by the reverse staining of SDS-PAGE gels.

High throughput screening is currently dominating the application segment for the imidazole buffer market. It is widely employed in medicinal chemistry to identify the best stereoisomer of a chemical entity that has an excellent pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic drug profile. Optimization of biomolecules is the need of the hour owing to the high mortality rate associated with RNA viral infections such as coronavirus, ebola, swine flu, etc. In the current scenario, there is only a limited number of medicines available in the market which provides only symptomatic relief to such RNA viral infections and has no benefit in patients having compromised immune systems.

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The biopharmaceutical industry is spearheading the end-user segment for the imidazole buffer market. The looming threat of antimicrobial resistance and constantly increasing viral infection worldwide together drive the Biopharmaceutical industry market growth. Research academia is expected to grow at a steady market growth on account of the huge funding provided by the government healthcare agencies for the novel drug development for the treatment of lifestyle disorders such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, and autoimmune diseases.

North America is currently leading the geography segment for the imidazole buffer market. The chief parameters associated with superior market growth is the establishment of a well-developed life sciences industry actively engaged in providing medical aid to the people of North America. The government healthcare agency such as the National Institute of Health (NIH), is collaborating with the academic research institutes to conduct research and development associated with the development of new biomolecules for curbing the mortality associated with chronic diseases. Furthermore, the presence of major players such as Merck KGaA, AAT Bioquest, Inc., Boston Bioproducts, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., etc further bolsters the imidazole buffer market growth in the region. Europe is in the 2nd place in the regional segment for the imidazole buffer market owing to the strategic partnership between the academic research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies actively engaged in conducting preclinical trials of new drug entities. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest-growing regional segment for the imidazole buffer market owing to the rising prevalence of infectious disease and competitive environment created by the western giants to the local players engaged in the manufacturing of imidazole buffers and other chemical reagents.

Chemical reagent manufacturers actively engaged in the production of imidazole buffers are Merck KGaA., AAT Bioquest, Inc., Hampton Research, HYPHEN BioMed (Sysmex Group Company), Boston Bioproducts, Diapharma Group, Hart Biologicals, Cryopep, VWR International, LLC. (Avantor) and Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

Market Key Takeaway:

  • Significant increase in the number of people suffering from infectious and chronic disease worldwide
  • Increasing throughput screening activities conducted to negate the drug-related side effects
  • Huge funding provided by the government healthcare agencies for conducting the preclinical trials associated with the investigation of a new drug molecule

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