Global Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gels Market Is Expected to Grow At A CAGR of 3.6% from 2020 to 2027

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Dried aluminium hydroxide gel is also known as aluminium hydroxide gel, which is currently available as a generic drug and over the counter product in the various distribution channel. Citrate enriched food intake must be prevented while consuming aluminium hydroxide gel as it promotes excessive absorption of aluminium which is fatally toxic.

An antacid is presently reigning the clinical application segment for dried aluminium hydroxide gels market. The drug is a popular acid-neutralizing agent which is used in combination with other chemical moieties such as magnesium hydroxide and dimethicone for neutralizing excess hydrochloric acid present in the stomach environment. The dosage as an antacid for oral intake is liquid 320mg/5ml is 5 to 15 ml after every 6 hours. Hyperphosphatemia is expected to grow at a rampant pace owing to the growing incidence of hyperphosphatemia in patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases. The serum level of phosphorus is greater than 7mg/dl then use dried aluminium hydroxide gel for 4 to 6 weeks only depending on the dialysis clearance of phosphorus as the mean phosphorus binding is 22.3mg of phosphorus/5ml of aluminium hydroxide.

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Hospital pharmacy is currently leading the distribution channel segment for dried aluminium hydroxide gels market. Severe constipation, rash and nausea are the major side effects associated with dried aluminium hydroxide gel hence accurate dispensing by hospital pharmacist is imperative for patients suffering from acidity and heartburns. Retail pharmacy is keen to record impressive market growth owing to the constant surge observed in the over the counter (OTC) products and generic drugs market in the developing regions.

North America is presently dominating the geography segment for dried aluminium hydroxide gels market. Growing incidence of gastric indigestion primarily drives the market growth in the region. As per the latest statistics provided by the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), approximately 60 million American complain about heartburn at least once a month. The supportive regulatory environment provided by the USFDA for the sale and distribution of dried aluminium gel products and affordable reimbursement scenario for the dried aluminium hydroxide gels drugs formulation together fortifies the market growth in the region. Europe is the second-largest regional segment on account of the effective collaboration between research academia and pharmaceutical companies to understand the therapeutic efficacy of dried aluminium hydroxide gel in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in patients suffering from renal disease. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest-growing regional segment during the forecast period on account of flourishing over the counter (OTC) products market and the emergence of local players.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers actively engaged in the production of dried aluminium hydroxide gels are Kyowa Chemical Industry, SPI Pharma, Walgreen Company, Merck KGaA, Sanofi-Aventis, Johnson & Johnson, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Mylan Seiyaku and Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Key Market Movements:

  • Rising prevalence of gastric acidity worldwide
  • Significant increase in the number of hyperphosphatemia cases recorded worldwide in patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases
  • Affordable reimbursement scenario and availability of affordable over the counter products of dried aluminium hydroxide gel together bolster the market growth

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