Global Amifostine Hydrate Market Is Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 2.8% From 2020 To 2027

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Amifostine Hydrate was originally developed by the military as a radioprotectant during the event of a nuclear attack. It is basically a prodrug that is dephosphorylated in the tissues by alkaline phosphatase into a free thiol metabolite which is critical in reducing the toxic effects of chemo and radiation therapy on healthy cells.

According to the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), head and neck cancer has a global incidence rate of 3.9 and 2.3% per 100,000 people worldwide. Xerostomia is an adverse event associated with radiation therapy which is recommended in patients suffering from head and neck cancer. The recommended dose for xerostomia treatment is 200 mg/m2 once every day as a 3-minute infusion usually 15 minutes before radiation therapy. Nephrotoxicity or cumulative renal toxicity is associated with patients receiving cisplatin chemotherapy. The recommended dose for nephrotoxicity treatment is 910 mg/m2 once every day as a 15 minutes infusion, it needs to be given 30 minutes prior to chemotherapy and the blood pressure needs to be constantly monitored every 5 minutes during the infusion.

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Hospitals & clinics are spearheading the end-user segment for the Amifostine Hydrate market. Constantly increasing inpatient admission of patients suffering from cancer and Availability of Amifostine Hydrate injection at a low cost in the government-funded hospitals and clinics determine its market growth. Rehabilitation centers are gaining huge demand on account of its ability to reduce mental distress and improve physical health in cancer patients receiving long term chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

North America is presently holding the largest market share in the geography segment for the Amifostine Hydrate market. As per the research findings brought forward by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ovarian cancer is considered the second most common gynecological cancer in women in the United States. The rising prevalence of nephrotoxicity associated with cisplatin chemotherapy primarily drives the market growth in North America. Domicile of key players such as Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Labs Ltd., Natco Pharma Limited, etc further fortifies the market growth in the region. According to the statistics presented by the European Society for Medical Oncology Head and Neck, cancer accounts for 3%  of all cancer cases owing to the significant increase in smoking and tobacco consumption. A significant rise in Xerostomia associated with radiation therapy determines the market growth in Europe. It is anticipated that the Asia Pacific will register comfortable market growth during the forecast period on account of the presence of a huge generic drug market and increasing the medical tourism industry.

Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing Amifostine Hydrate injections are Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Labs Ltd., CSC Pharmaceuticals International, Natco Pharma Limited, Clinigen Group, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Luye Pharma Group and Mingren Pharma.

Key Market Movements:

  •    Rising prevalence of nephrotoxicity and xerostomia associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  •   Availability of generic version single vial injection for intravenous administration at a relatively low price
  •   Popular among oncologists as an adjuvant therapy in cancer treatment owing to its cytoprotective activity.

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