Energy Market Reports 

Renewable power sales for Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft grows

According to new figures, the world’s largest technology companies have fuelled a track rise in renewables marketed directly to international corporations the year before. Due to a growing thirst for sustainable power, clean energy from renewables developers purchased by industries has increased three times in the two previous years. The most important renewable energy buyers to fuel their data hubs were software powerhouses, like Google, Facebook, Amazon, as well as Microsoft. BloombergNEF has discovered that international companies have, in the last 12 years, acquired sufficient clean power to overshadow all…

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Cryptocurrencies Market Reports 

Cryptocurrency and forex prediction – the exchange rate between strong currencies

The exchange rate between the Euro and the US dollar has fallen again. The Euro has lost at least 70 points that the US dollar has gained in the past five days. This drop is a result of two causes, which are; the cautious new ECB head called Christine Lagarde and the coronavirus widespread in China. The Eurozone has a strong economy compared to china, and in recent days, there has been an ongoing trade war between the countries. If the Chinese economy drops, also the European economy stumbles to…

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